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B10(Supersonic Tooth Brush, Fancy Colors, Supersilent, 45000strokes, 30000pcs)

S3-M2A(Bluetooth Speaker, 3W, all Metal, Pink color, 5100pcs)

S6-10K(Bluetooth Speaker, Clock, Temperature, Retro Design, Fabric, Hifi, 1300PCS)

S6-10CH(Bluetooth Speaker, 10W, Compact, Hifi, Temperature/Humidity/Alarm Clock, 5000pcs)


Incorporated in 2002, Eintrasse Industrial Ltd is high-tech design house & manufacturer of Robot Cleaners, Solar Panels, Projectors, Supersonic Tooth Brushes, Tablet PCs/Laptops,  Security Cameras, Hifi Speakers/Earphones, Customized Electronic Products & related peripheral accessories, which are sold into worldwide supermarkets and chain stores. As an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider with 20-plus years of OBM/OEM/ODM expertise, Eintrasse has accumulated considerable agents & distributors worldwide, including 8 world-famous conglomerates with sales network covering USA, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and nearly 150 countries and regions. 


With branch offices, Eintrasse also provides Free Importation Service to key customers in Brazil, Russia, Thailand, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, etc. Eintrasse is also one of biggest manufacturers of customized Tablet PCs which are applied for schools, shopping malls, banks, etc. In 2016, Eintrasse Thermal Imaginary Cameras are tentatively adopted by Traffic Police & Border Control Authorities as well.


Eintrasse understands what discerning markets require & continuously develops 10-15 innovative new products per month for target markets. Besides strict quality control & intense investments in private molding, stamping, plastic injection, Silk-printing, SMT, PCBA layouts, AI/IC bonding, chip-on-board and general assembly, Eintrasse has its own laboratories with 3D printers, electromagnetic testing equipment, oscilloscopes, network analyzers and spectrum analyzers. Right now, Eintrasse possesses 19 utility patents and 41design patents. Eintrasse can entertain volume orders in as short as 30 days and for low-volume orders with neutral or Eintrasse standard packing, products can be shipped in as fast as 3 hours.


Aiming to provide worldwide clients a hassle-free sourcing experience, Eintrasse widely adopts CRM, ERP and OA management systems & software to monitor indents worldwide, provides on-location technical support such as field testing, software debugging and after-sales service. Eintrasse also sell self-developed PCBAs & CKD/SKD products to strategic clients in same manufacturing business.


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B10(Supersonic Tooth Brush, Fancy Colors, Supersilent, 45000strokes)
S6-12L(Bluetooth Speaker, Dimmable Illuminating, Hifi, Clock, Temperature, All-Metal)
S6-10K(Bluetooth Speaker, Clock, Temperature, Retro Design, Fabric, Hifi)
MC1-A2(Wifi IP Camera, 720P, Dual Antennas)
AC1A-W1A(Remote Alarm Camera, 4G, Waterproof, SMS, MMS, Video calling, passive Infrared-Ray LED, Motion-detecting,10 Days standby)
U-B2(USB, Specially for Valentine's Day or sepcial celebrations)