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S6-10K(Bluetooth Speaker, Clock, Temperature, Retro Design, Fabric, Hifi, 1300PCS)

S6-10CH(Bluetooth Speaker, 10W, Compact, Hifi, Temperature/Humidity/Alarm Clock, 5000pcs)

M5-10B(4G Smart Phone, 10cores, 5.5Inch 2K IPS, 4G DDR, 32G Nand Flash, 20.0M Camera, Fingerprint, 2100PCS)

M5-P4(4G Smart Phone, 5.5inch IPS screen, 1G DDR, 4G nand flash, 2100pcs)

C6A-16(Sports Camera, 1080P, 16M Pixels, RF Watch control, 550pcs)

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10KM Night-Vision Thermal Imaginary Video Camera CW2H released, June29, 2016
surveillance Robot Vacuum Cleaner R2A-C in mass production, June9, 2016
Wet-dry Robot Cleaner R1 released, June6, 2016
5.1 inch, Quad-core Smart Phone M5-4Areleased, May30, 2016
Wifi/GPS/2G/3G/4G Signal Jammer released, May26, 2016
2A UL/CE Adapters releases, May24, 2016
Import agency service for customers in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Africa, Iran, Nigeria, May21, 2016
1080P, Power Bank-shaped Camera released, May19, 2016
1080P, notebook-shaped Camera released, May18, 2016
40W Soundbar Bluetooth speakers released, May16, 2016
Octa-core, 20M camera, 2K screen 4G mobiles released, May6, 2016
Alarm clock/thermometer/humidometer speaker newly released, May3, 2016
10.1inch, Octa-Core Tablet PC released, April29, 2016
5.0inch 3G, Quad-Core smart phones newly released, April28, 2016
Fingerprint USB expanded to 64G, April27,2016
Bluetooth Speakers, Magnet Holders & Bluetooth/Wifi dongles, April12, 2016
Annual Distributor’s commission report deadline Jan.19, 2016
IP67 Waterproof Tablet PC, Sept.9, 2015
13.3inch, IPS, 1920X1080-resolution, Metal Backshell Tablet PC T1-13MI released, Feb.6, 2015
1.3M needle-eye watch-shaped Mobile Phone MV1-R1C released, Jan.23, 2015
13.3inch Laptop, 10.1inch Windows8.1 Tablet PC released, Jan.17, 2015
4G LTE smart phone released, Date: Jan6, 2015
7inch Quadcore/Octacore Game Tablet PC T1-7G, Nov.29, 2014
Kids Tablet PC released, Date: Nov.27, 2014
8inch Quadcore/Octacore 3G/LTE Tablet PC T8-Q1, Nov.15, 2014
6inch Quadcore Smart Phone MV8-D6A, July 20, 2014
7.9mm thickness 3G Tablet PC TM7P-M1, Feb.22, 2014
Annual sales report by Dec.31, Date: Dec.20, 2013
7inch 2Sims 3G Tablet PC T7G-2A-C released, Nov.1, 2013
5inch 3Sims Smart Phone MV8-Q3A released, Aug.31, 2013
7inch Entry-level Tablet TPI7D-C released, June18, 2013
7inch Game Tablet TP7-G1A released, May 29, 2013
10.1inch Laptop N10A released, Mar.23, 2013
Maintenance Team schedule in 2013, Date: Jan.11, 2013
Annual promotion gifts for distributors, Oct.30, 2012
GPS trackers lead time shortened to 8 days, June13, 2012
Annual agents commission remitted already, Jan.22, 2012
Tablet PC displays in shortage until next March, Nov.23, 2011
Eintrasse enters Central America Market, Oct.29, 2011