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Hiroshima, etc.

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B10(Supersonic Tooth Brush, Fancy Colors, Supersilent, 45000strokes, 30000pcs)

S3-M2A(Bluetooth Speaker, 3W, all Metal, Pink color, 5100pcs)

S6-10K(Bluetooth Speaker, Clock, Temperature, Retro Design, Fabric, Hifi, 1300PCS)

S6-10CH(Bluetooth Speaker, 10W, Compact, Hifi, Temperature/Humidity/Alarm Clock, 5000pcs)
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S3-6E(Bluetooth Speaker, 12W, Handling Bar)
S4-A2(Bluetooth Speaker, 30W, Bass-control, 4 Channels)
S4-T1(Bluetooth Speaker, 22W, 7-LED-Dancing Mode, Remote Control)
S7-10R(Bluetooth Speaker, Treble Sound, 2X10W, Clock, Temperature, Hifi)
E-B5(Bluetooth Earbud, Crystal Clear, Charging case, in-call number reading functiion)
E-B4(Bluetooth Earbud, Crystal Sound, Charging case, Economical)
EL-1(Gaming Earphone, Hifi)
S3A(Bluetooth Speaker, 3W, Metal+fabric, fancy colors)
EB4-III(Bluetooth Earbud, 5.0, Crystal Clear)
EB-8A(Bluetooth Earbud, 5.1, Battery Indicating, crystal clear)
EB4-A3(Bluetooth Earbuds, 5.1, Crystal clear sound)
S1(Bluetooth Speaker, 6W, NFC)
S6-10W(Bluetooth Speaker, 2X10W, Hifi, All Teakwood, made for a famous brand)
E-B4A(Bluetooth Earbud, 5.0, Auto charging & connecting)
E-B4B(Bluetooth Earbud, Starry sky painting, Bluetooth 5.0)
S3-M2A(Bluetooth Speaker, 3W, all metal, fancy colors)
S6-10CH(Bluetooth Speaker, 10W, Compact, Hifi, Temperature/Humidity/Alarm Clock)
S6L-R1(Bluetooth Speaker, 1 Meter-long, Treble/bass, remote control, 40W)
S5-W1(Bluetooth Speaker, 18W, Treble/Bass, Wooden)
S6L-5T(Bluetooth Speaker, 5W, RGB Dancing Light, Karaoke, USB/TF card playing)
S6-20T(Bluetooth Speaker, Metal Shell, Hifi, LED Clock)
S7-B2H(Bluetooth Speaker, 10W, Fancy colors, Holding Haldler)
EB9A(Bluetooth Earbud, 5.0, Crystal Clear, Charging Case with battery indicator)
A1(120W, 3 Range, Wooden, HIFI Karaoke Speaker)
S5T(2-In-1 Bluetooth Earbuds & Speaker, 5W, Noise-cancelling)
H1-A(2-In-1 Bluetooth Speaker/Headphone, Hifi, Fancy colors)
S7-10H(Bluetooth Soundbar, Hifi, 20W, Durable)
H1-C(Bluetooth Earphone, Hifi, Crystal-clear Timbre, Fancy Colors)
S6-10K(Bluetooth Speaker, Clock, Temperature, Retro Design, Fabric, Hifi)
S6-12L(Bluetooth Speaker, Dimmable Illuminating, Hifi, Clock, Temperature, All-Metal)
S5-P1(Bluetooth Speaker, 5W, Hifi, Pairing with another 5w speaker to form a new 2X5 speaker, fancy colors)
S4-M1(Bluetooth Speaker, 4W, Hifi, paring with another 4w speaker to form a 2x4w speaker, all-steel shell, stretch out on/off, LED dancing light)
S5-D1(Bluetooth Speaker, 5W, plasma dancing light, hifi)
S6-10M(Bluetooth Speaker, All Metal, 2X5W, Hifi, pairing with another speaker to form a 2X10W speaker, made for a famous brand)
H1-A1C(Hifi Headphone, Active Noise-cancelling,Crystal Clear)
EB-5C(Bluetooth Earbud, 5.0, Fancy colors, Hifi, Durable Battery)